Sunday, April 12, 2009

christ resurrection -- check.

good easter morning to you! it's a rainy and grey one here. luckily i planned ahead to add a little colour to the apartment -- including mass amounts of candy that should not be consumed by only three adults.

and yes i have a thing for daffodils. today at my mother's church, as every year for easter sunday, the congregation would have created a daffodil cross. i'm not religious, but it is one of the most powerful things i have ever seen, and i wish i could have seen it today. every member of the church (or visitor) is given a daffodil when they arrive and each person places his/her daffodil onto a life size (crucifixion-sized?) cross, which is covered in little hooks with just enough room to slip in a daffodil and let it hang. the end result is sunny and glowing, and the hopeful symbolism is not lost on the participants. what can i say? it is beautiful.

as a result daffodils not only represent to me an image of spring, but one of love and family. i look at them and i see warmth and relatives. i see an old farm house rich with the scent of baking ham and filled with the noise of children hunting eggs. i feel security -- how funny that it comes indirectly from a symbol of christ. perhaps i am spiritual after all.

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