Tuesday, March 03, 2009

so as it turns out

i can make a perfect pie. no big deal.

for joseph's birthday yesterday i wanted to try something a little different. cupcakes or an elaborately decorated, albeit simple tasing, cake are my usual birthday specialty. however this year, as we are alone in a new city i wanted joseph to have a taste of home. luba, joseph's mom would often make the boys an apple pie for birthdays, but with an extra crunchy cheddar crust. to this day there is nothing joseph would want more (not that he wouldn't have been more than happy with just about anything sweet). i used my mom's never-fail pie crust (see the outside of the crisco box...but don't tell anyone) and added a heaping cup of shredded medium cheddar cheese. it worked out amazingly. the pie crust is still flaky and delicious, but with a very faint added savory taste (just enough to balance out the usual overwhelmingly sweetness of the pie filling) and a nice satisfying crunch. the dough itself was not much different to work with, although a little harder to roll and if you created a hole, it was much harder to mend.

so now i am inspired. i bought a beautiful new plum coloured pie dish and i want to put it to good use. i want to try different fruit/cheese combos. the only problem i have discovered with pie (in addition to how quickly it can get eaten) is how completely impossible it is to make healthy. sure you can be getting a full serving of fruit with your white flour and shortening, but it just doesn't seem to balance out. i'll have to get back to you once i figure out the secret to healthy pie.

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