Tuesday, March 17, 2009

smart little muffin

my attempt at making these. but with only whole wheat flour, no granulated sugar, some oats, some walnuts, some nutmeg, and some frozen raspberries. next time i would chop the apples a little smaller.

also (this means you: mom, eliz, roz, lisa) does anyone have any suggestions for feminist reading material? it could be essay/editorial form, or simply a really good book with hints of feminist ideals. i'm just noticing that i've never read anything directly related to feminism, unless you count some of the old literature classics written by women and therefore a progressive feminist move just in its creation and publication (when they used their real names.)
just looking for a bit of perspective inbetween my muffin baking. thank you.

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rozzie said...

will send books soon, if i can find them. i really miss you. i got your letter. thank you so much. the cuteness was almost more than i could take.