Thursday, February 19, 2009

speaking of school...

the second or so week that joseph and i moved to the 'couv we walked miles everyday. one day i wore my cute little leather boots with the little hidden heel and we walked a good 130 blocks or more (i may have mentioned this before.) since that day i have been completely unable to wear any shoes other than my runners -- my highschool gym class runners. i can make it half a block in normal shoes and my heels scream out in the pain of a thousand hammers. (i would like this pain to go away soon.) now since wearing the runners everyday i have noticed that i am not the only one. hell tonnes of people are wearing them to work and school and the grocery store everyday. and why shouldn't i? i'm on my feet for at least 11 and a half hours everyday, i deserve comfy shoes. well the problems are twofold:
1. i wear skinny jeans
2. i have pride
2 1/2. how would it look to represent my sister this way??
my solution was simple. i need some new sneakers that are more stylish and even if they are not quite as comfortable hopefully they'll do the trick.
in come the pf flyers from a shop down the road from garlands.
i feel like i am wearing bowling shoes everyday, but with padding and grip. i'm bowling on clouds people.

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