Wednesday, February 04, 2009

fleur de sel

i have really been wanting to bake something these last couple of weeks. i have only put it off this long because i know what a pain it is to build up a collection of flour and sugar and everything required from scratch. but i had joseph out with me today (to carry everything heavy) and thought i would try these cookies. i needed to borrow some of josh's sea salt (he has over eight different types on the counter, it was hard finding the basic stuff) and it was well worth it. crunchy and buttery and salty. i didn't buy enough white chocolate, so i added some chopped pecans which i think i will put into the recipe from now on. it was late afternoon when i started and when i finished i had this incredible sunset just outside my window.
oh and the recipe only calls for one egg, six eggs just made a better photo.

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