Thursday, January 08, 2009

the vancouver move part 2

the morning of the second day of the move, starting out with the most uncomfortable bed i have ever slept on. we stopped early for the night in valemount, probably around 5:30, grabbed some a & w and watched parts of a horrible nicole kidman movie. turned the lights out at 8:30 with the intention of waking up and being on the road again by 7:30. this bed however, when paired with the anxiety of driving through the mountains in the winter with all our belongings, as well as the paranoia that our truck parked in front of our motel window is being sifted through, or stolen, or won't start in the morning, means that i did not fall asleep until midnight or later. regardless joseph and i got a good rest (ruby slept under the covers for at least half an hour) and we were filled up and on the road again by 8:30(mountain/pacific? i lost track.) the morning drive was calm -- albeit quite full of twists and bends -- and we watched the sun rise over the mountains.

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