Tuesday, January 06, 2009

the vancouver move part 1

the first day of our trip, starting out with ruby being anxious and waiting for joseph to come back with coffee. we had to lock her in her carrier for a hour or so to try to calm her down, but she just rubbed her nose raw trying to bust out. we pulled her out of the carrier eventually and she calmed down after many many miles of meowing and merrowwing and running back and forth and under the seats. normally she likes the car, but she ain't no dummy and she knew that this trip was different. not to mention that as we reached the mountains her ears must have been popping (ours were) and driving her crazy. we stopped shortly after sundown in valemount and ate a & w's and stayed in a crappy motel. in the morning ruby was shocked that the motel wasn't our new home and again had a crazy trip when she was forced back into the bumpy cab of the truck.


CJ said...

Beautiful photos! (poor Ruby)

CJ said...

Beautiful photos! (Poor Ruby)