Thursday, January 08, 2009

the vancouver move -- the end

the last part of the trip was not the nicest to drive through, but ruby calmed down and joseph was very careful and we made great time despite the condidtions. it started to snow in and around hope and turned to very wet snow once we got to the vancouver area. when we reached our new building joseph stopped the truck (at an angle) then jumped out to get a closer look by the front doors for a parking space. he came back after having found a decent one, only to discover that the uhaul was not moving. getting a car unstuck from snow is one thing, but freeing a 14' truck from wet snow proved to be impossible. so josh and joseph unloaded the truck from a half block away while i held the door of the building open for them. josh had reserved the elevator for us (in addition to buying us bus passes before we arrived!) and it took us a few loads to get it all in. now a few days later we have everything organized and feel quite settled. i'll have photos up of the place soon. the last photo was the view from our room after waking up on the first morning.

p.s. all the photos (except the ones of those who are in the cab) were taken through dirty glass windows.

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