Thursday, January 29, 2009

well isn't that nice

i just realized i've had this blog going for one year as of today. it's been nice. the weather today in my new home sure beats what was keeping me indoors for days last year.

also i *think* i can safely mention that i have a new job. it is challenging and rewarding and i'm excited. (but i still miss eden lilly too)

tapes and tubs

i gave ruby her first ever bath today. it was really more of a sponge bath (no soap, just good old water), but a solid grooming nonetheless. it was either that or joseph was going to vacuum her. so tonight she is sitting quiet and pretty and being extremely soft and fuzzy. surprisingly she didn't seem to hate it too much.

right now ruby and i are enjoying missing home a little bit by looking back at old mix tapes. most of my mix tapes are from my sister, many of them made for me when i was 10-13 years old when she was away at school and otherwise busy being grown-up. they still play well today, and especially tonight.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

keeping it real

the following songs written and/or performed by bruce springsteen have 'mary' somewhere in the lyrics:

-mary's place
-independence day
-reason to believe
-gypsy biker
-o mary don't you weep
-the rising
-thunder road
-the river

there may be more.
catholic guilt?

Monday, January 19, 2009

vancouver sunset proper

joseph and i have been walking non-stop the last few days. we are averaging 75-100 city blocks a day, with thursday topping out at (at least) 130 blocks. i am not exaggerating when i say i can no longer walk.
yesterday we walked along the waterfront for the most of the afternoon with josh, and when we came home he made us borscht.
after a stressful morning this morning i am taking it easy for the rest of the day and hopefully tomorrow too. with a bit of luck i'll have me a job very soon.

hopefully today wasn't the last sunny day of winter -- i enjoyed it very much.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

the vancouver move -- the end

the last part of the trip was not the nicest to drive through, but ruby calmed down and joseph was very careful and we made great time despite the condidtions. it started to snow in and around hope and turned to very wet snow once we got to the vancouver area. when we reached our new building joseph stopped the truck (at an angle) then jumped out to get a closer look by the front doors for a parking space. he came back after having found a decent one, only to discover that the uhaul was not moving. getting a car unstuck from snow is one thing, but freeing a 14' truck from wet snow proved to be impossible. so josh and joseph unloaded the truck from a half block away while i held the door of the building open for them. josh had reserved the elevator for us (in addition to buying us bus passes before we arrived!) and it took us a few loads to get it all in. now a few days later we have everything organized and feel quite settled. i'll have photos up of the place soon. the last photo was the view from our room after waking up on the first morning.

p.s. all the photos (except the ones of those who are in the cab) were taken through dirty glass windows.

the vancouver move part 2

the morning of the second day of the move, starting out with the most uncomfortable bed i have ever slept on. we stopped early for the night in valemount, probably around 5:30, grabbed some a & w and watched parts of a horrible nicole kidman movie. turned the lights out at 8:30 with the intention of waking up and being on the road again by 7:30. this bed however, when paired with the anxiety of driving through the mountains in the winter with all our belongings, as well as the paranoia that our truck parked in front of our motel window is being sifted through, or stolen, or won't start in the morning, means that i did not fall asleep until midnight or later. regardless joseph and i got a good rest (ruby slept under the covers for at least half an hour) and we were filled up and on the road again by 8:30(mountain/pacific? i lost track.) the morning drive was calm -- albeit quite full of twists and bends -- and we watched the sun rise over the mountains.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

the vancouver move part 1

the first day of our trip, starting out with ruby being anxious and waiting for joseph to come back with coffee. we had to lock her in her carrier for a hour or so to try to calm her down, but she just rubbed her nose raw trying to bust out. we pulled her out of the carrier eventually and she calmed down after many many miles of meowing and merrowwing and running back and forth and under the seats. normally she likes the car, but she ain't no dummy and she knew that this trip was different. not to mention that as we reached the mountains her ears must have been popping (ours were) and driving her crazy. we stopped shortly after sundown in valemount and ate a & w's and stayed in a crappy motel. in the morning ruby was shocked that the motel wasn't our new home and again had a crazy trip when she was forced back into the bumpy cab of the truck.