Monday, December 29, 2008

it's almost a new year.

mostly everyone i know is waiting on 2009 as though its coming is the only thing that has a chance of making up for everything that went wrong in 2008. i don't see why it's a bad plan, however i know from experience it can be tricky starting out a new year optimistically in -30 conditions.

this is the first new years that has really meant anything to me. for the first and likely the only time, the beginning of the year will be the start of a brand new life for me. joseph and i pack up all our belongings on january 1st and come the 2nd, we're outta here. we are no doubt tempting fate by driving in the continuing cold weather that is forcast and once we reach our destination we almost assuredly will not see sunlight for 2 months. but then there will be cherry blossoms and daffodils and i hear when it's nice, it's really nice.

today i am organizing, just as i will be doing tomorrow and the next day. i'm sorry i won't be having really solid visits with all my friends and i'm very sorry for those that i already missed out on having quality time with. but i'll miss you all and i'll try to keep you up to date and when 2009 starts sucking, please come for a visit. we'll go to the aquarium and get jerk pizza.

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Justin! said...

Have a good time on the road!
It's all so exciting.