Friday, December 19, 2008


i lost my camera battery a couple of weeks ago. somehow it didn't make it from the charger to the camera safely. i held out for a week hoping it would show up (still no luck) but finally had to buy a new one. so i am deeply apologetic for the lack of anything pretty to look at the last 3 weeks.

joseph and i had an early moving away party this past tuesday as we wanted to catch as many people as possible before the craziness of christmas set in. after indian buffet with four of my girlfriends the six of us headed to the strat (so picked by joseph for it's sure to be quiet atmosphere on a tuesday night.) we walked in through the door only to have a mass of sixty hefty men turn to face us. turns out we had scheduled our party the same night as the first platoon firefighter christmas party -- with bagpipes and rookie hazing and all. so we picked a place near the entrance and encouraged each of our frightened guests to come in and stay awhile as they entered with such great looks of confusion. it was a great night.

more flower photos coming soon.

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