Friday, August 22, 2008

june 5 to present

my garden!


what i got to take home this week. (those peachy roses are over 2 weeks old now!)

the wasps know what's coming

--what i've been making the last week or so.

multiple weddings every week in the shop are keeping us busy, but are also supplying us with inspirational leftover product. i've been trying out some new colour combos (as always) and revisiting some old standbys.

the weather got a bit cold this week after the heat wave from the week previous and to be honest i got a bit excited. i got to wear little jackets and scarves to work and started daydreaming about fall colour trends and the arrangements i can soon undertake to reflect the season. don't be mad, it's not like i can actually control the weather -- and yes i do want summer to stick around a bit longer.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


shield your eyes

ruby ran out the door last night while joseph and i were watering the garden. i didn't hear her come back until 7:30 this morning when she meowed below our window. i believe she left us this in our front yard.
sorry little friend.

pale moon light

here's some sherbet resembling arrangements for your taste buds.
joseph and i are listening to the rough cuts of the new pale moon lights recording after just having eaten rosemary ham, tomato, and brie grilled sandwiches for breakfast. it is a nice morning.

some pretties in purple

Monday, August 04, 2008

poppy break

the poppies so far in my garden.
who would need any other flower? except i just got a whiff of sweet peas through my window... who would need any other flowers besides poppies and sweet peas?

soaking in it

i switched our bedroom to a different room in the house last night. ruby has taken very little time to adjust.